Our Items

  Tropical Fish in Asia

   We import Asian Arowana,Tetra,Angel fish etc from countries in Asia.

  Tropical Fish in South America.

   We import Plecostomus, Freshwater stingray etc from South America.

  Tropical Fish in Africa

  We import many kinds of fish from Africa.


  We have a lot of associated Koi breeders in Japan. We sell many varieties of Koi fish.


  We sell common grade Goldfish to rare type of Goldfish such as Jikin, Tosakin,Pingpong Pearlscale etc.

  Aquatic Plant・Shrimps  etc

  We sell aquatic plants and shrimps.

  Aquarium Goods

  We sell Oyster shells, Zeolite,Montmorillonite cray etc for water treatment.

  Fish Food etc

  We sell filters,fish food etc.
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